What services offer a GYN OB health care clinic?

An OB GYN clinic offers a range of health care services that are specific to the reproductive health of women. Each OB GYN clinic will have at least one licensed midwife who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth and at least one gynecologist who specializes in female reproductive issues such as pelvic exams, sexually transmitted diseases or Infections diagnosis and treatment, and contraception have. Women who have their age rules or who are sexually active usually seek the services of a OB GYN clinic.

A kind of physician present in Fairfax OBGYN, who stands for Obstetrics and Clinical Gynecology is a gynecologist. One aspect of a gynecologist’s task is to routine general physical examination annually, to perform the female reproductive system. This annual exams a womanâ € ™ s vaginal, cervical healthâ € ™ s and can also be a breast exam. A gynecologist can answer women’s questions about menstruation, family planning, or menopause. OB GYN clinics provide information and counseling on various contraceptives and gynecologists capable of writing prescriptions for hormonal contraception.

Annual exams in OB GYN clinics usually include some routine tests to screen for abnormalities or diseases. Laboratory tests called smears are frequent and often contract, and the results can possibly be used to screen cancer cells. A gynecologist at OB GYN Clinic may also perform tests for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted diseases. The doctor usually gives guidance and advice both to prevent the transmission of these infections and living with an infection if one is already present.

The other type of doctor in a OB GYN clinic is a midwife. This type of doctor who specializes in prenatal care, pregnancy and childbirth. Some, but not all, OB GYN clinics offer abortion in the event of accidental or dangerous pregnancies. Women who are trying to conceive can visit a OB GYN clinic for counseling and fertility treatment to help conceive received.

If a woman becomes pregnant, she will go to her obstetrician regularly for medical examinations for her and her baby, ultrasound and ultrasound to monitor the development of the fetus. Midwives can offer pregnant women nutritional advice, tell them what changes or developments they can expect during the three trimesters of pregnancy, and prepare them for delivery. In addition, midwives act as primary doctors during childbirth and women are in the process of childbirth.