How was your experience the last time you visited a doctor’s office? How long did you have to wait? Did you have any type of health survey done to get your opinion?

Surely you have to answer some form with pen and paper, while you wait to be attended, maybe a survey with some questions that will help your doctor to formulate your file. Or many times it takes another time, already in the office, waiting for your doctor to take note of all your symptoms or the treatment that will give you.

That person feels bad physically and emotionally, so why not give you a better experience in your office visit and how doctors show commitment by giving you the best care? continues to innovate, and you can now do a health survey using the Homunculus question that helps you achieve better results and make the services and relationship between the doctor and patient more efficient. 

Use the Homunculus question for your health survey

The Homunculus question type captures visual data based on the patient’s selection, by pointing to the area where his body is suffering from discomfort. In these health and disease questions, 24 areas of pain can be identified in the front, and 29 in the back of the human body, allowing physicians to get a preliminary but clear idea of ​​the patient’s condition. I share other types of questions for your online survey.

You can do a short survey using the Homunculus question in your health survey while the patient expects to be taken care of by the specialist, so that at the time of consultation the doctor already has that data and can lead to a full exploration based on the information previously Provided. This, in addition to making the entire medical consultation process more efficient, will provide better patient care and experience.