He organizes a wedding in the hospital for the last days of his wife

The love story of Jack and Michelle is as beautiful as tragic. Michelle, having an incurable disease, decided to join the hospital. Their baby was also present at this magnificent ceremony …

The couple swimming in happiness when Michelle’s disease with full force in 2013. At 32 only hits, Michelle suffers from cervical cancer of the uterus. Admitted to the hospital for stomach upset, the young woman learns terrible news, she suffers from a lightning cancer. A terrifying announcement for this young mother who has just given birth to a girl, Martha.

In a few hours, the life of the young couple rocked. The couper falls, the cancer is terribly advanced. Michelle will not survive, she only has a few months to live. Desperate, Jack offers to marry her. As Michelle can not get out of the hospital where she is being followed,

An improvised marriage

Aided by his friends, family and staff, the young Englishman succeeded in the impossible. Organize a wedding in just a few hours and a wedding photobooth. The bride’s mom buys her dress and wedding ring in record time. A group of nurses, touched by the history of this couple, succeeded in improvising a “church” and a makeshift altar in the oncology department with the means on board. The ceremony takes place in the waiting room and it is surrounded by their relatives and their little daughter, that the couple says yes.

Impressive and beautiful, the ceremony is a magical moment for the two lovers. “It was hard for everyone to restrain themselves, but Michelle was as happy as anything. I was crying more than she ” testified Jack for The Mirror. A parenthesis before the inevitable drama that is waiting for them. Indeed, four weeks after their union, Michelle at the end of force died in the hospital. Fortunately, thanks to her husband and daughter, her last hours were full of love and tenderness.

In memory of his wife Jack has today decided to conduct a campaign fundraising to support the hospital where Michelle was hospitalized.