Telecare Systems

Enabling people to live secure and independent lives in their home

Coming soon: integrated GSM Module

Upgradeable: For existing carephone HTS62

Efficient: Easy installation

Compatible: Supports existing protocols

Telecare Systems from Bosch Healthcare support elderly citizens and people with disabilities to live an independent and secure life in their familiar surroundings.

The Telecare System includes a carephone and a choice of peripherals. Typically, users alert a monitoring center by pressing a transmitter worn around the wrist or neck. The central station can speak to the individual in need of assistance and notify professional help and family members. Peripherals such as smoke detectors, fall sensors, and gas detectors give extra security because they automatically signal alarms specific to the needs of the citizens.

With the Bosch carephone HTS62 there is a device series available, which supports all connection technologies available on the market: analog, VoIP, GSM or GPRS.