About Bosch Healthcare

Systems for better outcomes

Bosch Healthcare is the market leader in telehealth systems with more than 15 years of experience in connecting patients with their providers in order to improve care.


We create connections for care that improve medical and financial outcomes.

Business overview

Bosch Healthcare offers telehealthcare products that enable integrated health and social care services for citizens with long-term conditions.

Bosch Telehealth products provide interfaces for patients and clinicians to various health management programmes. These programmes support home care, post discharge and longer-term care coordination for patients with chronic conditions. Our telehealth programmes are developed in line with evidence-based guidelines and provide data and decision support tools to give healthcare providers valuable insight about their patients‘health status at home. In addition, these programmes provide patients with valuable knowledge and reinforcement to improve their self-management skills leading to improved quality of life, lowered anxiety and reductions in unplanned care. Over 50,000 patients connect to their healthcare providers on a daily basis using Bosch Telehealth products and systems.

Over thirty publications of clinically and outcomes validated studies using our telehealth systems consistently demonstrate positive clinical and economic outcomes.

Bosch Telecare, formerly part of Bosch Security Systems, provides products and systems to support independence for older persons and persons with disabilities. These products include Bosch carephones, different transmitter types, peripherals such as pendants, watches, fall sensors and monitoring software.

A new, integrated website for Bosch Telecare and Bosch Telehealth is under development. In the interim, a list of telecare products and systems is available on the Bosch Security Systems product catalogue website.

Company history

Bosch Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bosch Group. The Bosch Group was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch and is owned privately by the Robert Bosch charitable foundation and the Bosch family. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It is comprised of Robert Bosch GmbH with over 300,000 employees in more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies represented in roughly 150 countries, which includes sales and service partners. With all its products and services, Bosch enhances the quality of life by providing systems which are both innovative and beneficial to both the citizen and the environment.

In 1936, Robert Bosch founded a charitable hospital in Stuttgart, Germany. Robert Bosch donated the hospital to the city of Stuttgart and the hospital is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation. The foundation guarantees that Robert Bosch’s objectives of high quality care for patients are realised in the hospital, which admits more than 30,000 patients each year.

Why are we here?

Robert Bosch, Ltd is owned by a charitable foundation and has been a part of the UK for over 110 years. We employ more than 4,000 people throughout the UK. The UK is our home and the Bosch mission dictates that we meaningfully contribute to the aim of healthcare leaders to provide better and more cost effective care for citizens with long-term conditions.

Deployments of Robert Bosch Healthcare telehealth solutions have enabled global health systems to deliver higher quality and clinical outcomes while also demonstrating cost savings throughout the last 15 years. This is due to our unique approach to telehealth that creates connections between patients, their carers and GPs. These connections are bi-directional and go far beyond the more traditional vital signs measurement modalities to extend the reach of clinicians to more citizens with chronic conditions or fraility.

Most recently the findings, validated by Brunel University in two phase 1 NHS deployments of integrated care powered by NHS Direct with Bosch Telehealth in Leeds and Hull have demonstrated the cost savings that can be achieved when telehealth is deployed effectively.

In Barnsley, using an innovative integrated health and social care model, Bosch Healthcare has helped to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction and patient adherence to care plans. Patients reported greater understanding of their conditions with commensurate lowering of anxiety with anticipated reduction of A&E and hospital costs.

Our global experience

Bosch’s telehealth systems have been used by over 150,000 patients and today there are more than 50,000 patients who actively use our systems globally.

Over the past 15 years, Robert Bosch Healthcare telehealth technologies have powered integrated care interventions that produce measurable:

• improvements in quality of life

• clinical outcomes

• compliance to medication and care plans

• increased life expectancy

• and a reduction in hospitalisations

Most importantly, effective deployment of telehealth enables local solutions that can transform the healthcare system so that integrated care can be deployed to thousands as opposed to hundreds of patients.

Our system enables us to provide comprehensive patient education to improve self-management, while providing consistent evidence based subjective and objective feedback to clinicians that risk stratifies patients based on vital signs, symptoms, social situation, and other data that provides a patient centred view. This differentiates us from other providers who tend to focus just on vital sign and symptom monitoring.