Doctor Closes Mezcales Health Center Patients Waiting

Later, the Chief of the Jurisdiction of Compostela, not finding the Health Coordinator of Valle de Banderas, issued instructions for the Health Center to be opened with a locksmith …

The Health Service Coordinator of Banderas Bay, the dentist, Leopoldo Alonso Loera Escobedo, became an ant’s eye last weekend and is that the doctor in charge of the Mezcales Health Center, did not attend his work for personal reasons And according to sickness, for which the medical unit did not open and the patients who already had an appointment were waiting for more than two hours until they decided to retire. But when the head of the Health Jurisdiction of Compostela, Rene Esquinca García, realized what happened, sought the dentist and he never answered the calls, this after the patients’ disagreement was made public via Facebook.

Faced with this situation, the doctor, René Esquinca, instructed the manager of the quality program, licensed, Mireya Mayorquin, to open the Health Center, however, not finding the Coordinator, had to hire a locksmith reservoir to Opened the door, that is why it was until one o’clock when the medical unit began to give service, but through a nurse.

It is therefore a serious irresponsibility on the part of the dentist that it is not known if he gave the doctor permission to leave or the doctor did not appear by his own decision, but what is clear is that this shift was not covered and resolved with participation Of a locksmith. What is expected, is the immediate dismissal of the Coordinator by omission and negligence.